Applications For 2010 Funding within the Mental Health Field

Applications are now open for the 2010 round of funding available through the Vic Davis Memorial Trust, and those involved in study and/or research in the field of mental health are encouraged to apply.

2009 was the inaugural year for fund distribution and 11 people were recipients of funding to support them in their study and research in the 2010 academic year. “The funding from the Vic Davis Trust means I can concentrate on my course work and assignments, attend Massey’s Wellington campus courses twice a year and purchase the necessary textbooks and software, all of which would normally increase the financial stress that comes with study,” said Maakere Marr, an extramural post graduate student whose home community is Matata. “Even though I live in Auckland, this far reaching support validates a sense of still being a significant part of my home community,” she added.

Vic Davis was well known as a philanthropist with a special interest in the field of mental health and in the wellbeing of youth. His memorial trust is an ongoing expression of that keen interest and offers three categories of grants and scholarships:

  1. Scholarships at undergraduate level for individuals wishing to undertake training as a mental health practitioner
  2. Scholarships for individuals undertaking post graduate study or research
  3. Research grants for organizations researching in the field of mental health.

The fields of study the individual recipients are currently undertaking are varied. Tauranga resident Janie de Malmanche is undertaking her Masters study in occupational therapy. Her research is based on exploring the stories of employment from the perspective of people with an experience of mental illness who have been part of the local KAI programme. “Without the support from the Vic Davis Trust I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to undertake this study,” she said adding, “The funds I received have allowed me to set aside protected time to carry out my study.”

Whakatane resident Fleur MacRae endorses that sense of support. Her post graduate study specializes in play therapy and she values the fact that the funds enable her to study without impacting on her young family financially. “For this I am thankful and appreciative to Vic Davis, his family and the Vic Davis Memorial Trust.”

The 2009 recipient of a research grant was Dr Julia Rucklidge, Associate Professor in Canterbury University’s Department of Psychology. Her groundbreaking research is into the effect of micronutrients on mood and behavior in adults with ADHD. “The support from the Trust has enabled us to go full steam ahead on completing our randomized controlled study,” she explained. “The support from the Trust gives us the flexibility to respond to the public need to gain evidence either for or against the use of micronutrients in the treatment of mental health issues.”

Applications for funding for the 2011 academic year close on the 31st August and will be considered by trustees in September. Full details of the application process, the criteria for selection and all application forms are available on the Trust website: Applications will only be accepted on the application forms on the website and late applications will not be considered. All queries with regard to the criteria or process should be emailed to