Media release 3rd November 2013

Previously a long-time resident of Ohope, Vic Davis’s commitment to supporting others endures past his lifetime through the charitable trust he established: The Vic Davis Memorial Trust.

The key purpose of the Vic Davis Memorial Trust is to support individuals and organisations in their study and research in the field of mental health.   “People undertaking study and training in the field of mental health have limited access to scholarships and grants to support their work,” said Trust chairman Mike Shepherd adding, “Vic Davis established this trust as his legacy, to offer that support, particularly to people from the Eastern Bay of Plenty and to national research in the field.”

 The Trust continues to support the potentially breakthrough research being undertaken by Dr Julia Rucklidge of Canterbury University regarding the use of micronutrients as a treatment option for ADHD.   Micronutirents (vitamins and minerals) are receiving growing recognition as a promising treatment for many psychiatric disorders, including bipolar disorder, depression and ADHD.   Dr Rucklidge’s research plans to investigatethe impact of micronutrients on ADHD in children, using a randomiized control design. effectiveness of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) as a treatment approach to ADHD in adults.

New recipients for 2014 are Whakatane resident Katharine Preston,  Opotiki resident Anne Doree, Setareh Zareiewho is currently studying at Waikato University and Rowan Clements from Kamo.

Having studied for her BA Honours, ,majoring in Psychology, Katharine Preston will use the scholarship to support her study at Massey University for a doctorate in clinical psychology, a further three years of study.

Anne Doree will be known to many for her work supporting children and families over many years.   The scholarship she has received from the Trust is to support her advanced training to become a registered practitioner of the ‘Watch, Wait and Wonder’ intervention, a therapy that helps parents understand their young children and support them to deal with serious problems early, to reduce their impact.

Applications to the trust are considered on an annual basis, with applications closing on the 31st July annually.   Full details of the application process, the criteria and the application forms are available on the Trust website: .   Applications will only be accepted on the application forms provided on the website and all queries with regard to the criteria or process should be emailed to:

Additional grants have been made from the Trust to assist Rotary exchange students .